Redeye - The year end's tail end December 30 2004

I have a new motto, and like all good new mottos, I got this one off the bumper of an SUV: "Kill 'Em All and Let God Sort 'Em Out."

No, I'm not talking about people, silly. Come on, lighten up. I mean kill your brain cells. It's time for New Year's Eve, the one night of the year adults may experience the kink they silently wished for from Santa. Because, as a lot of bumper stickers also suggest, many of us are not really wishing for world peace. Just a piece. For one night, "being strapped" should only mean carrying a flask, and it's only open season on open bar. So let's see what there is to see.

For live music lovers, I endorse the post-punk pump of Pylon at the 40 Watt in Athens (though rumor suggests an ATL appearance in April), or local leviathans of grinding metal Mastodon at the Clermont Lounge ($15 well spent if you like tits and tats). For those more interested in the see-and-be-seen scene, Beneath the Noise and Sol Fusion are both involved in separate hotel parties (at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center and Marriott Century Center, respectively). Those should be all-inclusive extravaganzas. For more kicks, you can pay the $17 that allows you entrance to both the Earl and Echo Lounge, allowing you to cruise East Atlanta Village without having to cross roadblocks.

Of course, this time of year makes us all feel it's so very to be merry. But what if you want your day to be just a little more gay? Then skip past the jingle balls directly to the disco ball. Here are some options, ranging from $10-$30. First, there's Jungle's Black & White Ball, with DJ Rick Mitchell. Or visit Charlie Brown's Cabaret in Underground after the Peach Drop. Red Chair has the Times Square ball drop on the big screen, and Dave Meyers dropping countdown beats, while the Heretic features DJ Rick Walsh, and DJ Razor (of Razor & Guido) drops big-room tunes at Park Pavilion. And since the family that plays together stays together, Jan. 2 sees DJ Ralphi Rosario at Club 112 and a performance by the Armorettes free at Burkhart's.

Of course, a few other things have crossed the desk since CL posted its wrap-ups, so here's an update:

MJQ doesn't care that it's cold, because inside the club it's droppin' like it's hot. It's a celebration of Klassic Material, bitches, featuring Cozy Shawn Deluxe, Rob Wonder, Justin Chapman, Kai Alce and Cullen Cole for only $10. And there will be MJQ Edition Kangols to the frontliners who don't front. So hats off to ... having hats.

Meanwhile, the Highlander will be bringing in the New Year with a luau, offering Tiki drinks and a $9.99 buffet of roasted pork, etc., but there's no cover. And for the more culturally minded, PushPush Theater offers a performance of the comedy Expecting Carol, along with appetizers, beer, wine, a champagne toast and a post-show DJ — all for $30 and within walking distance of the Avondale MARTA Station.

Of course, come 2:30 a.m., the streets will run red with the blood of infidels. Oh, sorry, I was thinking of that bumper sticker again. What I meant to say is that around 2:30, the streets will not be the safest places to be, as everyone slams their last drink, then puts their pedal to the metal. So why not start off the new year by trying MARTA for the first time and checking out the 38,000 square feet of newness at Underground, where I'll be ending my night. I mean, they're pouring till 4 a.m. For one night only, it's a no-brainer, and isn't that what New Year's Eve is all about?

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