Add It Up March 03 2005

Trekkies to the rescue

Amount "Star Trek" fans are trying to raise to keep the recently canceled "Enterprise" on the air ... $32 million

Amount they've raised so far ... $3,065,000

Largest single donation ... $3 million

Approximate hours of psychotherapy $3 million could buy ... 24,000

Days it will take Trekkies to raise $32 million at their current rate ... 102

Days before UPN, the channel that airs "Enterprise," tears down the show's sets ... 3

Cost incurred by SaveEnterprise.com, after discount, to run a full-page ad in The Los Angeles Times ... $15,900

Full-price cost of the ad ... $35,000

Number of episodes of the original "Star Trek" series that NBC ran in response to a 1968 letter-writing campaign to save the show .................. 24

Minimum number of people who attended Dragon*Con 2004, the Atlanta-based sci-fi convention ... 20,000

Number of other U.S. sci-fi conventions to draw more than 20,000 people, according to Dragon*Con ... 0

SOURCES: SaveEnterprise.com, EnterpriseProject.org, www.sfi.org, www.dragoncon.org??