Add It Up April 13 2005

Bus ... or Bust!

Percentage of Georgians who drove to work in 2002 ... 81

Percentage of Georgians who used public transportation to get to work in 2002 ... 3

Average frequency, in minutes, of MARTA's buses on the Buford Highway line vs. those of its competitor, Royal Bus Line ... 15 vs. 11

One-way fare for Royal Bus Lines ... $1.50

MARTA'S one-way fare after a proposed (but not yet passed) $0.25 increase ... $2.00

Number of years since MARTA's last fare hike ... 4

Amount in funding the state of Georgia gives MARTA ... 0

Number of other states that provide no funding for a public transit agency in a major metropolitan area ... 0

Amount state lawmakers gave House Speaker Glenn Richardson this year for office improvements ... $1.5 million

Amount MARTA spent on lobbying for fiscal year 2004 ... $599,000

Amount MARTA spent on hand soap that same fiscal year ... $373,000

Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Energy Information Administration, Federal Transit Authority, MARTA 2004 Budget??