Add It Up May 25 2005

Brotherly Love

Estimated cost of the new 3,000-seat North Point Ministries church to be built on Lenox Road: ?
$40 million

Annual budget of the largest church in Atlanta, First Baptist Church:?
$13 million

Number of uninsured children in Georgia:?

Approximate cost to give a basic check-up, without blood tests or vaccines, to all those children: ?

Approximate number of Sudanese refugees who've fled to neighboring Chad because of tribal warfare:?

Cost to shelter and feed those refugees for one year: ?

Minimum number of homeless people in metro Atlanta ?

Minimum number of meals provided to homeless by the Open Door Community each year: ?

Annual budget of the nonprofit Open Door Community: ?

Number of times Jesus lost his temper in the New Testament?
1**He threw money changers out of a temple in Jerusalem.

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Department of Community Health, Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Save Darfur Coalition, CARE, Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Open Door Community