Add It Up June 02 2005

The cost of sex

Average duration in minutes of a Viagra-assisted erection ... 33

Typical hourly price charged by Brittany's Place, an Atlanta escort service ... $600

Age in years of an Arkansas patient treated with Viagra for chronic lung disease who experienced an erection as a side effect ... 2

Number of Georgians who in the past 90 days received Viagra prescriptions through the state's Medicaid program ... 866

Of those 866, the number of registered sex offenders ... 3

Cost of 10, 100-milligram Viagra pills ... $119

Cost of a 28-pill pack of Alesse, a one-month supply of female birth control ... $30

Number of months after Viagra hit the market that more than half of its prescriptions were covered by insurance plans ... 2

Estimated percentage of insurance plans that do not cover female birth control pills ... 67

Percentage of U.S. pregnancies that are unintended ... 49

Sources: Pfizer Inc., Viagra.com, ABC News, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, menshealthdrugs.net, Planned Parenthood, Hofstra University, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.??