Add It Up - An uphill battle

A look at the numbers

Combined dollars mudslinging gubernatorial candidates Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox spent on attack ads leading up to the Democratic primary: $6.7 million

Margin by which Taylor won the bitter slugfest: 8 percent

Money he has left to face Gov. Sonny Perdue: $1.12 million

Size of Perdue's campaign chest: $9 million

Amount of money Perdue spent in his 2002 campaign to unseat Gov. Roy Barnes: $3.65 million

Amount of money Barnes spent in his bid for re-election that year: $20 million

Margin by which Perdue beat the incumbent: 6 percent

Perdue's current approval rating: 63 percent

Cost of one ticket to Perdue's campaign barbecue last weekend in Hiawassee, which former Democratic Gov. Zell Miller paid to attend: $10

Attendance at the event, during which Perdue belittled Taylor's role in the creation of the HOPE scholarship (while Miller looked on): 675

Amount of money Perdue tried to have cut from HOPE scholarship funding during the 2004 legislative session: $120 million

Number of other Georgia governors who have ever tried to cut HOPE funding: 0

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Survey USA, Governing.com