Add It Up - Barnes ain't noble

A look at the numbers

Number of years Steve Barnes worked as an on-air personality for 99X before leaving to focus on an "acting career": 11

Internet Movie Database user rating (out of 10) for No Witness, a 2004 film in which Barnes plays a hitman: 2.3

Percentage of negative user reviews it received, including one that called it "cinematic roadkill" and "a stillborn turd of a film": 100

Rank of the No Witness DVD on Amazon.com in sales: 17,020

Price to attend a mocking, 99X-sponsored screening of the film last year at American Pie: $0

Amount for which Barnes is now suing over the allegedly unauthorized screening, and for audio clips of the film played on the air without his consent: $300,000

Instances before now in which Barnes complained about the screening: 0

Instances in which he thanked his former co-hosts for the "free publicity": 1

Additional damages Barnes is seeking for defamation, including comments his eventual replacement Fred Toucher made about his alleged "back acne": $750,000

Total number of defendants named in the suit, including Barnes' former "Morning X" co-hosts Leslie Fram and Jimmy Baron: 5

Sources: 99XWatch, fredtoucher.com, Peach Buzz, Wikipedia, Internet Movie Database, Amazon.com

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