Add It Up - Calming calamity

Number of “bulbout” curbs the city’s Public Works Department built this year on Peachtree Hills Avenue to discourage speeding: 50

Width in feet of Peachtree Hills Avenue’s two lanes before the bulbouts were built: 19

Width after the bulbouts were added: 10

Width of an Atlanta Fire Department fire truck: 8’ 4”

Average miles per hour clocked on Peachtree Hills Avenue before the bulbouts: 38

Speed limit posted on Peachtree Hills Avenue: 25

Out of 69 residents of Peachtree Hills Avenue, the number who say they are in favor of the bulbouts: 14

Number of signatures on a petition calling for a halt in construction of the Peachtree Hills Avenue “curbing calamity”: 350

Approximate cost of a new set of tires for a compact car: $400

Median household income within the Census blocks along Peachtree Hills Avenue: $57,990

Sources: Atlanta Department of Public Works, lifelong Peachtree Hills resident Edwin Tillis, Peachtree Hills Traffic Calming Association,, Goodyear Tire, U.S. Census Bureau.