Add It Up - Costly coke

Drug numbers

Cost of supermodel Naomi Campbell's three-day birthday party, which Atlanta music producer Dallas Austin traveled to Dubai to attend: $1.8 million

Days before the party that Austin was arrested at Dubai International Airport for possession of cocaine: 2

Grams of cocaine that Austin had on him: 1.26

Approximate street value of that amount of coke: $125

Minimum fine for possessing cocaine in the United Arab Emirates: $2,723

Cost of the cheapest standard suite at Burj Al Arab Hotel, where Campbell's party was held: $1,089

Standard daily cost to rent Studio A at DARP, Austin's Atlanta recording studio: $1,700

Number of days Austin had been jailed as of July 2, when he pled guilty: 45

Minimum prison sentence, in years, for using cocaine in the United Arab Emirates: 4

Minimum prison sentence, in years, for bringing cocaine into Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates' neighbor: 15

Minimum sentence, in years, for possession of cocaine in Georgia: 2

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