Add It Up - Days of wine and dollars

Estimated combined wealth in 2005 of Anne Cox Chambers and Barbara Cox Anthony, the daughters of James M. Cox, who founded Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises ... $25 billion

The sisters' rank in the Forbes magazine list of 400 richest Americans ... 12

Percentage by which sisters' fortune has grown since 1996 ... 212

Percentage by which median American household income has grown from 1996 to 2004 ... 26

Cases of wine donated by Anne Cox Chambers from her private vineyard in Provence, France, to last month's Swan Coach House Flea Market, which benefits the visual arts in Atlanta ... 3

Estimated value of each case ... $150

Free bottles of wine handed out by vinters in southern France last summer to highlight that country's oversupply of wine ... 400,000

Price per person of a five-day wine trip through Provence and Rhone next May, organized by French Wine Explorers ... $4,895

Number of Georgians Anne Cox Chambers could send on such a trip ... 2,553,626

Sources: Agence France Presse, Forbes, Fortune, Swan Coach House, U.S. Census