Add It Up - Eye of the beholder

A look at the numbers

Age, according to her family, of Kathryn Johnston, who died in a Nov. 21 shootout with Atlanta police: 92

Johnston's age, according to medical examiners: 88

Number of bullets police allege Johnston fired at the undercover officers who burst into her home: 5

Number of officers police allege Johnston shot: 3

Number of times Johnston was shot in the chest: 2

Estimated number of shots heard by a neighbor: 20

Number of minutes it takes to fly from Atlanta to LaGuardia Airport in New York: 135

Number of days after the incident that police Chief Richard Pennington addressed the public, telling reporters he couldn't get a flight back to Atlanta from New York over Thanksgiving: 5

Approximate number of daily flights from New York to Atlanta on Delta and AirTran: 50

Sources: The New York Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, www.delta.com, www.airtran .com