Add It Up - Georgia jobs

Number of unemployed in Georgia as of January 2006: 230,195

Number of people who work at the Ford plant in Hapeville, which will close later this year: 2,100

Number of people in metro Atlanta employed by BellSouth, which was recently bought by AT&T: 15,000

Number of jobs Delta Air Lines cut in 2005: 9,000

Approximate number of workers who will work at a new Kia plant, which opens in West Point in 2009: 2,500

Approximate number of people who supplier companies surrounding the Kia plant will employ: 2,000

Number of vehicles a year the Kia plant will produce: 300,000

Amount the state of Georgia is paying to more than 30 property owners for the land where the Kia plant will go: $35.7 million

Amount that Kia is paying the state of Georgia for the land: $2 million

Amount that Georgia offered Kia as an incentive to open its plant here: $410 million

Ranking of Kia cars among 37 companies in a J.D. Power and Associates 2005 Vehicle Dependability Study: 37

Sources: Georgia Department of Labor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution