Add It Up - High-caliber dining

Percentage of a restaurant or bar's revenue from food sales that state Rep. Bobby Franklin thinks is sufficient to allow a licensed gun owner to carry a firearm into the establishment: 50

Maximum jail sentence, according to Franklin's proposed bill, for carrying a firearm into a restaurant or bar that derives less than 50 percent of its revenue from food sales: 12 months

Approximate number of restaurants in the city of Atlanta: 8,000

Number of firearm licenses approved in Georgia in 2002: 181,100

Waiting period to be approved to buy a gun at Wal-Mart: 10 seconds

Waiting period to get a reservation for four at 8 p.m. on a Friday at Rathbun's: 2 weeks

Number of guns stolen in Georgia over a five-month period in 2004: 33,500

Caliber of the loaded handgun hidden in an arrestee's anal cavity when he was searched before entering Gwinnett County Jail: 25

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