Add It Up - Immigrant nation

Tallying up protests, arrests, fines

Estimated number of protesters who attended an April 10 immigration rally in Atlanta: 50,000

Number of Royal Bus Line coaches used to transport rally-goers that day: 6

Of those buses, number that were destroyed by fire nine days after the immigration rally: 3

Number of arrests made in conjunction with the fire, which investigators have not determined the cause of: 0

Number of days between the rally and the day Gov. Sonny Perdue signed into law Georgia's sweeping immigration-reform bill: 7

Number of immigration reform bills floating through state legislatures: 370

Percent of Americans who believe illegal immigration is out of control: 81

Number of illegal workers arrested in Atlanta during an April 19 raid in DeKalb County: 44

First year in which employers can be fined for hiring undocumented workers, under Georgia's new law: 2008

Fine for employers who receive phony documents from employees: $0

Cost, on average, to obtain fake documents in Atlanta: $150

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Doraville Police Department, USA Today/Gallup Poll, Time.com, Georgia General Assembly