Add It Up - Is downtown safe?

Stats on downtown crime not so scary

Approximate percent of the city's daily population that lives or works downtown: 50

Percent of crime that occurs downtown: 8

Number of downtown ambassadors who stand on the street and offer directions and other help: 62

Approximate number of private security officers who work downtown: 1,500

Percent that downtown crime was down in the last six months of 2005 over the same period in 2004: 19

Percent of downtown crime that is a rape, assault or homicide: 5

Number of downtown homicides July-December 2005: 0

Panhandling's ranking in a list of complaints made by visiting conventioneers: 1

Number of Atlanta police officers who are part of the HOPE team, which does homeless outreach downtown: 5

Approximate number of people the HOPE team has taken to the Gateway Center homeless shelter since the team was formed in August: 1,000

Number of people who have been arrested by downtown police for violating the city's commercial solicitation ordinance: 0

Sources: Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta Police Department