Add It Up - Money Well Spent

Tax dollars the Bush administration spent on public relations during Bush's first term 250,000,000

Tax dollars the U.S. Education Department paid to TV host Armstrong Williams to promote President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program 240,000

Tax dollars that Georgia spent on its "Georgia on our Mind" branding campaign in 2004 2,200,000

Recommended amount in dollars that the city should pay as part of its Brand Atlanta campaign, according to consultants 15,000,000

Approximate amount, in dollars, that Las Vegas spent on its "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" campaign 60,000,000

Number of casinos in Las Vegas Valley 160

Number of casinos in Atlanta 0

Approximate number of strip clubs in metro Atlanta 41

Amount in dollars being paid to a PR firm to improve the public perception of city schools 45,000

Number of Atlanta school board members up for re-election this year 9

Sources: USA Today, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Travel Industry of America, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Atlanta Public Schools, www.steve.friess.com, Nevada Gaming Control Board.