Add It Up - Poor, poor Grady

A look at the numbers

Approximate revenue for Grady Health System in 2005: $617 million

Estimated expenses of Grady in 2006: $703 million

Net income loss from operations so far this year: $18 million

Percentage of doctors at Grady who are Emory School of Medicine physicians: 80

Number of years Emory has contracted with Grady: 55

Amount Grady owes in overdue bills to Emory for the care arrangement: $43 million

Number of patients Grady served last year: 921,000

Amount spent on indigent care: $187 million

Percentage of emergency room patients who lack insurance: 44

Amount Grady began to charge uninsured patients in July who use the emergency room and don't live in DeKalb or Fulton counties: $50

Amount the federal government owes Grady for care of uninsured patients: $220 million

Sources: Grady Health System, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University