Add It Up - Sex in captivity

Total federal grant money doled out for animal research in 2003?
$12 billion

Total federal grant money Emory University received last year for animal research ?
$235 million

Number of violations of the Animal Welfare Act committed at Emory's Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in the past three years

Emory's rank among the nation's top 50 research facilities receiving the most animal experimentation money ?

Emory's rank among the nation's 25 animal research facilities to face the most Animal Welfare Act violations ?

Number of primates in captivity at Yerkes in 2003 ?

Number of primates that died that year from causes attributed to research

Percentage of days during a female bonobo primate's menstrual cycle that she experienced sexual arousal while in captivity at Yerkes?

Percentage of days of sexual arousal for a female bonobo in the wild

Number of Yerkes researchers conducting "pointless" research, according to an online tabloid, for trying to determine whether gibbons monkeys with larger penises have more sex?

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