Add It Up - The Dark Ages

Dining, Medieval style

Number of Medieval Times restaurants in North America, including the newest (and largest) edition, in Gwinnett's Discover Mills: 9

Number of patrons expected to dine at the new location each year: 500,000

Size of the castle-shaped complex, in square feet: 87,000

Seating capacity inside its "Grand Ceremonial Arena": 1,065

Number of horses employed for the show: 22

Approximate number of (non-horse) employees, including knights, serving wenches and His Majesty, the king: 200

Cost of one adult ticket to Medieval Times: $47.95

Cost of one general admission ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia: $49.99

Cost of one field-level seat at a Braves game: $32

Cost of one ticket to the Georgia Aquarium: $21.06

Approximate number of seats already reserved for the restaurant's opening night, July 21: 500

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