Add It Up - Vanishing antiques

The deal that shut down Lakewood

Number of years the sprawling Lakewood Antiques Market had been in existence when it closed Oct. 15: 17

Number of years the Southeastern Fair, which opened in 1916, was held on the property: 59

Number of vendors the antiques market had at its height: 1,500

Number it had at the time it closed: 700

Monthly rent that the property's lease-holder, former Georgia film commissioner Ed Spivia, paid for the city-owned property that includes the antiques market and HiFi Buys Amphitheatre: $18,000

Size, in acres, of the property: 117

Number of other properties available in the city of Atlanta that are larger than 117 acres: 0

Amount that Atlanta City Council approved for buying out Spivia's 29-year lease in order to redevelop the property: $4 million

Amount that music producer Dallas Austin offered Spivia in 2000 as an unsuccessful attempt to take over the lease to build a music and film studio: $8 million

Amount Spivia reportedly wanted from Austin: $12 million

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, city of Atlanta, former Atlanta Councilman Derrick Boazman