Add It Up - Voter days

A look at the numbers

Approximate number of registered voters in Georgia: 4 million

Number of registered voters who may not have a state-issued ID card and might be affected by the lingering voter ID law: 305,074

Number of times judges have blocked that law from going into effect: 3

Number of letters mailed by the state to inform voters of the law after a judge had struck it down: 20,000

Approximate number of registered Hispanic voters statewide: 80,000

Approximate percentage of Georgia's population that is Hispanic: 7

Approximate percentage of California's population that is Hispanic: 32

Percentage of Hispanic voters in the California voting pool: 14

Percentage of Hispanics in the Georgia voting pool: 1.5

Percentage growth of Hispanic voters in metro Atlanta in 2004: 83

Percentage growth of African-American voters in metro Atlanta in 2004: 25

Percentage of Hispanics and African-Americans, respectively, in Georgia who are eligible to vote: 33, 60

Sources: Georgia Secretary of State, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, U.S. Census Bureau, Public Policy Institute of California