Word - accused pedo punk'd by feds

On May 25, Christopher D. Brandlon was arrested by FBI agents upon arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for a planned holiday get-together with "Paulina," an online paramour he had not yet met in person, and her 5-year-old daughter, Rachael. According to the feds, Paulina is actually an undercover agent, Rachael doesn't exist, and Brandlon is a suspected child molester who allegedly referred to himself as "King of the pedos" and posted handy how-to tips for fellow pedophiles on his own 200-member online chat room.

Brandlon is charged with travel with intent to engage in sexual acts with a juvenile and other crimes. A federal affidavit recounted e-mail messages Brandlon allegedly sent to Paulina.

"I hope you'll understand why I would fantasize about a solution that involved the three of us getting together and having a loving family."

"It's easy to see how we might manage to meet a few other likeminded familes [sic] and do some sharing. I hope you're turned on by the idea of Rachel enjoying the attention of several adults."

"I'm ready to sieze [sic] the day with you in the most gratifying, fulfilling and lust-exalting ways imaginable. I'm talking orgies, video, pregnancy, babies, k9, bondage (sorry, no elaborate role-playing not my thing but I enjoy restraint)."

"I am very interested in the idea of having more kids, especially gurls [sic]. ... If you are open to getting pregnant again, that would be awesome. And my intention would be to start training the baby pre-birth ... with lots of sex for mommy, and lots of talk from daddy. When (s)he is born, (s)he will already be turned on and open for play."