Word - Tupac's Garden

"Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia/?Some mark ass bitches/We keep on coming/?While we running for yah jewels/Steady gunning/?Keep on busting at them fools/?You know the rules/Little Ceasar go ask yo homie/?How I'll leave yah/?Cut your/?Young ass up/?See yah in pieces."

- Lyrics from Tupac Shakur's "Hit 'Em Up""

The whole purpose of the garden is to promote peace and tranquility."?
- Tre Maxie, project manager at the Tupac Shakur Arts Center, to the AJC. The center, with a six-acre peace garden, opened last week in Decatur.

"That fat bitch took it like a bitch. Rolled up on his ass and smoked his fat ass. I got the fat ass. My people took care of it. ... We wanted to let them know 'Damoo' (Swahili for Blood) got him on the West Side."

- From an affidavit presented last week in the wrongful death case brought by Notorious B.I.G.'s (Biggie Smalls) family. Marion "Suge" Knight, founder of Death Row Records and a close friend of Tupac, allegedly made the statement to his cellmate in reference to B.I.G.'s killing.