Word - Sullivan's saga

Trial under way for husband accused of killing socialite wife

On Jan. 16, 1987, Atlanta socialite Lita Sullivan was gunned down when she opened the door of her Buckhead townhouse to a man posing as a flower deliverer, carrying a dozen long-stemmed pink roses and a 9 mm pistol. On Feb. 27, 2006 — 19 years after the murder — the trial of her estranged husband, James Sullivan, who allegedly arranged the homicide, got under way in Fulton County Superior Court. If found guilty, Sullivan faces the death penalty.</
"Everyone knows the best way to get a woman to come to the door is to bring her flowers."</
-- Fulton County prosecutor Sheila Ross, in her Feb. 27 opening statement?
"At 9 a.m., while Lita was dying on her own floor, gurgling her own blood, a collect call [to Sullivan] was made from a truck stop off I-85, 40 minutes after the shooting. The collect call message was two words: Merry Christmas."</
-- Ross, describing Sullivan's phone records the day of the murder</
"The state's case relies on Tony Harwood, a man who has never told the same story twice. He tells stories that defy the laws of gravity. ... If he told me it was a clear day outside, the first thing I would do is grab my umbrella."</
-- Defense attorney Don Samuel, referring in his opening statement to the state's key witness, convicted hit man Tony Harwood</
"[James Sullivan] was 'selectively charming, but he could also be described as 140 pounds of unbridled ambition.'"</
-- From a March 8, 1987, Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, quoting a friend of the Sullivans