Word - Extreme hate

Billboards and phone calls

Just north of the intersection of Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Buford Highway sits a billboard reading "Your Vote is Your Voice" in Spanish. The billboard is part of a statewide effort by the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials to up the number of Hispanic voters, which hovers around a mere 70,000. But GALEO's push has unleashed the racial venom of anti-immigration folks who have let their opinions — at least anonymously — be known.

"What are you people trying to do. We need to run you out of this country. You are destroying it. Go to www.mexicosux.com. Mexico s-u-x dot com. You suck. We should be fucking shooting you people as soon as you come across the border, especially the pregnant ones."

-- A message left Aug. 7 on the Georgia Latino Vote 2006 campaign toll-free number

"Keep America Beautiful. Kill a Mexican."

-- From a car decal on the former website mentioned in the call, www.mexicosux.com

"You listen up!!! We are going to have a violent bloody civil war because scum like you keep pushing and pushing to destroy the White Christian heritage of Georgia and America. You are playing with DEATH!! We will NO LONGER accept our racial eclipse!! We will no longer accept the ETHNIC CLEANSING of white people in their own country!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

-- An e-mail sent to GALEO on Nov. 7 with the subject line "How dare you destroy our heritage!!"