Word - Traci Stern

Local World Can't Wait spokeswoman

World Can't Wait is a New York City-based organization whose sole purpose is to "Drive out the Bush regime!" Backed by a long list of activist-celebrities, the group plans a nationwide day of protest on Oct. 5. In Atlanta, the event is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. in downtown's Woodruff Park. CL spoke with local World Can't Wait spokeswoman Traci Stern.

What sets World Can't Wait apart from existing peace and protest groups?

This was birthed out of a necessity to get rid of Bush. We're building a movement that consolidates all of the grievances against the Bush regime, which we see as re-making society in a fascist way for generations to come. We're calling upon people to take to the stage of history to call all of this to a halt.

How do you intend to drive Bush out of office?

We want people to take to the streets and create a force in this country that can't be ignored. As we saw in the '60s, when you had universities shut down and protests even within the military, we want resistance to become the culture of society.

But in warning voters away from Democrats, are you limiting your potential audience?

We need to decide what kind of future we want. And the Democrats (in Congress) have supported the Bush agenda pretty broadly, so people need to take the responsibility themselves to change the course of history. Voting isn't enough.

For more information: www.worldcantwait.org.