Word - Karr talk

Where is he?

"This is to let you know that John Mark Karr has moved into his father's home on Merlendale Drive ... approximately three blocks north of the Chastain Park playground. As you may recall there have been many published reports in newspapers on Mr. Karr relating to incidents in Colorado, California, and Thailand."

-- E-mail to neighbors from Jim King, president of Chastain Park Civic Association

"I love JonBenet and she died accidentally."

-- John Mark Karr, confessing to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey shortly after his Aug. 16 arrest in Thailand

"John Karr himself sincerely believes that he killed JonBenet Ramsey. There's no question in anybody's mind about that."

-- Boulder D.A. Mary Lacy, in Aug. 28 announcement that she was dropping the case against Karr

"I've heard other people speculate on whether John Karr could sue members of the media for libel. Of course that's just foolishness. He's what we call in the law libel-proof. I mean, he's a man that by his own admission is a pedophile. He interjected himself into this case by falsely confessing to the murder."

-- Lin Wood, attorney for John Ramsey and his late wife, Patsy, speaking on "Larry King Live"