Found Object - Kurey's Fury

The recent censure of Alpharetta Councilman R.J. Kurey was the latest in a string of incidents involving the volatile politician. Last week, city officials released documents describing Kurey's behavior over the past year. Below are excerpts:

In an Alpharetta police incident report, an officer described how Kurey, who was chain-sawing a branch in his yard at 10:30 p.m., called him a "shithead."

A female city employee complained that Kurey "was beginning the YMCA exercise program to lose weight, then he stated to the employee, 'Then I'll be back after you like white on rice,' implying she had a weight problem. He also stated that 'overweight employees were a hazard to the city.' "

In an e-mail, the city's fire captain recounted how Kurey told firefighters: "'What would you like to have other than more money and girls hanging around the station while you wait on a call?'"

Local YMCA officials complained to the city that they "were extremely concerned that R.J. ... was caught looking through the personal medical history files of the Alpharetta city employees in the program."

Councilwoman Debbie Gibson emailed city officials: "I have requested additional police protection at my house as a result of recent ... threats by R.J. Kurey. I am genuinely concern[ed] about the safety of myself and my son."

Female city workers complained: "R.J. never acknowledges me." He "ignores me like I don't exist." "He does this to females."

In an e-mail sent to two councilmen, Kurey wrote: "KISS MY ASS you pompous SOB!!!!!!!!"

- Steve Fennessy