Found Object - Sexual healing

Below are excerpts from a lawsuit filed Aug. 31 in federal court on behalf of three women who claim a Grady Memorial Hospital drug counselor sexually harassed them. The lawsuit says the defendant apologized for his behavior, saying his hormones were “out of check.” The defendant denies the allegations.</
“Specific examples of [the defendant’s] conduct include telling Jane Doe No. 1 that he could take care of her sexual needs; asking Jane Doe No. 1 before she gave a urine sample if she needed help with her urine, and when she asked him how, [asking] if she ever had to urinate after experiencing orgasm; asking Jane Doe No. 1 when the last time was that she had an orgasm, and whether it was self-induced; [telling] Jane Doe No. 2 that since she is an atheist she does not believe in morality, and therefore she should not consider it cheating to perform oral sex on a man other than her boyfriend; asking Jane Doe No. 3 to trade oral sex for his giving her gas money; repeatedly saying he could not understand why she would not trade oral sex for something when he knew that, in the past, she had had sex with her drug supplier; telling her that he has not had sex in six months and has forgotten what it feels like.”