Found Object - State Senator: Far left opens door to bestiality

In a Sept. 17 e-mail newsletter to constituents, state Sen. Nancy Schaefer, R-Turnerville, offered her insights on Hurricane Katrina's link to both Israel's occupation of Gaza and to homosexuality, as well as the link between the immorality of the far left and death by bestiality. Below are excerpts.</
"Was Katrina punishment? I believe it was judgment. I have opposed the 'Road Map' to divide the land of Israel from the beginning. I recently opposed American's [sic] urging Israel to evacuate Gaza. The land belongs to Jehovah God. We are warned about dividing the land of Israel and I believe we have made ourselves open targets for God's discipline.</
"Also, do not forget that the land Israel was forced to evacuate is land Israel won in a war that was brought about by Arab Nations whose only goal was to drive Israel into the sea. That is their ultimate goal today!</
"On another note, as we talk about the tragedy in New Orleans and why it happened, it should be told that the New Orleans Mayor had invited 125,000+ gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered to spend $100 million dollars in the 'Big Easy.' Mayor Nagin wrote: 'Welcome to the most intriguing city in the world. Southern Decadence XXXII is an exciting event and I welcome you.' Our country, with its voices from the left, is getting bolder in its attempt to despise God and the truth of scripture. ...</
"Even as I write this email, I have received information that a man in Washington State has died from the practice of beastiality [sic]. As we attempt to redefine our culture by seeking to redefine marriage as anything other than a union between one man and one woman, we open the door to every other immoral sin man can dream up! The far left is constantly at work to destroy sexual morality, faith and love of country."