Found Object - Sticky icky

Last week, Cobb County commissioners passed a resolution that denounced the sale of marijuana-tasting candy. The treats, which are distributed by Chronic Candy in California, boast slogans such as "Sticky Icky Skunk," and "Every lick is like taking a hit." For more than a year, a group of about 90 residents has campaigned against the sale of these candies. The county commission can't ban the sales, however, so the group's next goal is to lobby Georgia lawmakers for a statewide ban.</
"[Marijuana-flavored candy] is considered a gateway product. It's opening the door to wanting to try the product for real."</
-- Christine Able, a concerned Cobb resident, as quoted by the Associated Press</
"STICKY ICKY Buds are ... tangy yet extremely erotic. The sour taste of this candy is unreal, and it makes my mouth water literally. The STICKY ICKY Buds have a potent sour taste that lingers on your taste buds."</
-- From the Chronic Candy website</
"'Marijuana flavored candy' means any candy that is: (A) Made in whole or in part from any part of a marijuana or hemp plant; (B) Advertised or held out for sale with the representation that such candy is made in whole or in part of a marijuana or hemp plant; or (C) Advertised or held out for sale as having the flavor of marijuana or hemp or any synonym or slang term for marijuana or hemp."</
-- From a 2006 bill introduced by Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta