Found Object - Tricky Vick

Below are excerpts from a lawsuit filed against the Atlanta Falcons' Michael Vick last month in a Gwinnett court. The suit alleges that the quarterback exposed the plaintiff, Sonya Elliott, to "a dangerous health condition." CL's calls to Vick's attorneys were not returned.

Around May 2001, Vick approached Elliott in the club and asked that she call him to talk about going out together.

In December 2002, Vick and Elliott had consensual sex for the first time. Only after he placed the condom on his penis did they engage in consensual sex.

On Sunday, April 13, 2003, Vick and Elliott began to play a video game and then began to playfully kiss.

Despite Plaintiff's request that he put a condom on, Vick placed his bare penis and genital area against plaintiff's.

After a physical examination, Elliott was diagnosed as having genital herpes.

For several weeks Elliott continued to attempt to speak with Vick about her condition. Vick stated that "he did not know what she was talking about."

In June 2003, Vick stated, "I've got some-thing to tell you." Vick then admitted to Elliott that "I've got it," and that it was not something he liked to talk about.

Vick apologized profusely to Elliott for not telling her about his condition sooner.

Vick is liable for all damages flowing from those tortious acts and omissions.