Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Year of loud

One of my many New Year's resolutions was to keep my big mouth shut. Then CL offered to pay me to yap. There went the resolution. Technically speaking, though, I am keeping my promise to myself. This is no frivolous chitchat; This is my job.

Shop Talk:It's official - Barneys Co-op is coming to Phipps Plaza. The New York-based store could open as early as February. … Much-loved west side boutique Scout has closed. The shop was the first in town to carry independent designers from New York City and L.A. Owners Shalini Vora and Elaine Gardner are on to other ventures.
'Zine Talk:Speaking of Vora, she'll have a hand in a new magazine coming to town. Unscene, a free, fold-out guide to trendy destinations, is the brainchild of Chicago-based Christophe Gausphol. Look for the official launch party in early spring.
Booze Talk: The Corner Pub is reportedly about to reopen. In 2003, a fire engulfed the neighborhood bar's first location, on College Avenue in Decatur. Owners Josh and Bethy Elrod have moved the pub farther down the street to the refurbished warehouse complex East Decatur Station.
Street Talk: It seems former Echo Lounge manager Morgan Engle is leaving the ATL almost as hastily as the music venue closed its doors two weeks ago. Engle is said to be ditching the Dirty South for Seatown (Seattle for those of you not in the know). As for who will take on the vacant space, a few local music scenesters and business-savvy types are said to be vying for the property.
Shit Talk: A certain local musician (you know who you are) had his prized guitar stolen last week - just days before his band's show at the Earl. It's a sad tale, made all the more tragic by the fact that the black Fender Strat was taken from its owner's unlocked car. Pity.
If you have any tantalizing tidbits about anyone or anything worth mentioning, send them my way. Really, I won't tell a soul.