Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Shall we dance?

I thought I had at least mentioned to everyone I know that I'm the voice behind this column. But while swilling beers this past weekend during the ice storm of 2005, I was informed by friends about bar closings, store openings and other such facts I already had written about. One guy even told me his mom called to see if he'd known whose guitar had been stolen (a crime I laid out in the Jan. 20 issue). Thanks to me, these people no longer are in the dark.

SHIT TALK: A well-known local artist rep let loose Fri., Jan. 28, during the Castleberry Hill gallery crawl, ATLart[05]. By loose, I mean she was dancing atop a table at the packed restaurant Slice, surrounded by a gaggle of men, in her short skirt, black hose, pink stilettos and all. After the bartender demanded she reclaim her seat, she fell to her knees and threw back her head in classic stripper fashion. Then she sat down, crossed her legs, lit a cigarette and tipped back her Cosmo. Priceless.

SHOP TALK: The Beehive Co-op recently opened at 1831-A Peachtree Road. West Coast transplant Petra Geiger opened the store, which houses locally and regionally crafted clothing, accessories and furniture. Check it out and support our homegrown artisans.

BAND TALK: The Austin, Texas, indie-rock showcase and weeklong hangover South by Southwest is mecca for signed and - more importantly - unsigned acts. At this year's event, which takes place March 16-20, bands include England's Doves, Japan's Mono, Portland's Sleater-Kinney and Atlanta's own Magnapop. Hopefully, the ATL will represent, as more local bands are awaiting the final word.

MEDIA TALK: It was a proud day for Atlanta on Fri., Jan. 28, when Star 94 DJ Nudge earned his 15 seconds of national fame. NBC's "The Today Show" did a segment about the "Nudge at Night Hot Mom Check In," in which the DJ solicits phone calls from hot moms and inducts them into his hot mom club. I mean, really, come on.

If you have any tantalizing tidbits about anyone or anything worth knowing about, send them my way. Really, I won't tell a soul.