Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Bootylicious

Gossip has always found a way to my eager ear. So when I took on the responsibility of writing this column, I thought that the most difficult challenge I'd encounter would be deciding what good dish would make the cut. How wrong I was! Come on, people - we live in the South. We thrive on talking trash behind people's backs. Serve it up!

TUSH TALK: In case you missed it, Bubbles, a new line of "butt-boosting lingerie," is designed by Atlanta's own Karen Jones and distributed out of our bootylicious city. By slipping on a pair of silicone enhanced bands or "thighshapers," one under each cheek, the company promises a higher, more rounded derriere. The other night, someone pointed out who they thought was Jones at the launch party for the new Atlanta publication, Unscene. I didn't get a chance to ask if it was really her, but her ass did look good.

PARTY TALK: Speaking of the Unscene party, held Feb. 10 at Bazaar, celebrity photographer Spark St. Jude made her requisite appearance, snapping photos left and right of such local luminaries as Pablo Henderson, manager of downtown's the Mark. I'll smile for St. Jude's camera any time, so I didn't mind her taking my picture. But did I really need several, several retakes? Maybe that's why Rolling Stone pays her the big bucks.

CROSSOVER TALK: Apparently, being one half of multiplatinum duo OutKast ain't enough for Atlanta native Andre Benjamin. As you probably know, he'll appear in Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman. The film will be released March 4. But Mr. 3000 is banking on being more than a one-hit movie wonder. He's also landed parts in John Singleton's upcoming film, and Guy Ritchie's new project. Then there's the OutKast movie due out this summer, tentatively titled My Life in Idlewild. Let's think happy thoughts that the film won't do to OutKast what Glitter did to Mariah Carey.

dirt@creativeloafing.comIf you have any tantalizing tidbits about anyone or anything worth knowing about, send them my way. Really, I won't tell a soul.??