Dish, Dirt and Drivel - media magnet

RESTAURANT TALK: What do you get when you mix Kim Porter, P. Diddy's girlfriend; Nicole Johnson, a stylist from "America's Next Top Model"; and Eboni Elecktra, a former HOT 107.9 radio personality? That would be Three Brown Girls, the hostesses of a new weekly party at Justin's, P. Diddy's Buckhead restaurant. The girls are promising the regular Sunday gathering will attract such heavy hitters as Elton John and Denzel Washington, as well as "out of the blue" performances by the likes of Usher. The guest list for this Sunday's "glitzy and glamorous" A-list event, penned "Lip Service," is already full. That being the case, I was thinking of hosting an exclusive B-list event at the Clermont Lounge, to be called "Tip Service."

MUSIC TALK: World-renowned artist Yanni graced our presence last week at the Gwinnett Civic Center. Lucky me - I have a friend who works on Yanni's tour, so I was privileged enough to hang out backstage. The most amusing Yanni tidbit I gleaned is that the lion-maned performer times and choreographs his hair flips. I kid you not. I witnessed each toss of his long, flowing locks after listening to a tour worker request them via headset. Yikes!

MEDIA TALK: The rumor mill keeps on churning over at CNN. First, chief news executive Eason Jordan's relationship with Mariane Pearl, the widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, fizzled. Then Jordan abruptly resigned last month amid the controversy surrounding statements he made at the World Economic Conference about U.S. soldiers targeting journalists in Iraq. And while at the conference, the news exec, who left his wife of 16 years for Pearl, began stirring things up some more with a new love interest: actress Sharon Stone. In addition to her other attributes, Stone, whose ex-husband Phil Bronstein is a high-powered newspaper executive, must have some pretty savvy media skills.

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