Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Can I borrow your posse?

TV TALK: Now that he's stretched his P. Diddy manservant gig to the limit, the always dapper Fonzworth Bentley adds a new "How'd he do that?" to his list of achievements. Next week, Bentley, who grew up in Atlanta, will appear in a ""Twighlight Zone"-ish Burger King commercial. That's just the latest exposure for P. Diddy's former righthand man; he has endorsed Courvoisier, joined Cameron Diaz on her MTV eco-tourism show, "Trippin'," and has been picked to host his own MTV reality show, "Borrow My Posse," where nobodies get to borrow the entourage of, say, J. Lo. All this hype for a guy who hasn't even released a single hip-hop album?

GROCERY TALK: Atlantan Amy Ray, one-half of the Indigo Girls, was seen handpicking snow peas at the DeKalb Farmers Market last Friday afternoon. ... On Saturday, Jay Bakker, local minister and son of fallen evangelist Jim and his ex-wife Tammy Faye, was spotted perusing the salad bar at the Whole Foods on Ponce, chatting on his cell phone with his infamous mom. (Incidentally, we spotted Jay two weeks ago at a Monroe Drive post office on Tammy Faye's birthday - mailing, presumably to her, a furry purse.) What a son!

SHOP TALK: After 15 years in business, Corner Compact Disc has shut its doors. The North Highland Avenue music store is the second retailer in recent months to close shop on the busy strip. ... Contrary to rumors of a delay, hip and affordable home store IKEA is still slated to open in Midtown's Atlantic Station this summer. The 366,000-square-foot space will be IKEA's first venture into the Southeast, with 50 different room settings and four model homes.

STAR TALK: As we reported a few weeks back, CNN's recently resigned chief news exec Eason Jordan has seen some luck with the ladies - namely, with actress Sharon Stone. But, as was the case with his career at CNN, it looks like Jordan's good graces with Stone have run out. When the couple vacationed last week in the South Pacific, the two had a blow-out fight, news reports claim. Jordan flew home. Later that day, Stone was seen frolicking topless on the beach with a male admirer.


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