Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Whitney's Re-rehabbing

VIP TALK: Best known as a past member of Cash Money, rapper B.G. decided to shoot his latest video, "Where Dey At?," here in Atlanta rather than in New Orleans where he typically films. Visiting him on the set recently, in the VIP section of Atlanta's L.A.-like club Compound, was Kaine, the other half of Ying Yang Twins. Kaine was overheard acknowledging that he got the word "twerk" (as in Ying Yang's "Whistle While You Twerk") from B.G., who revolutionized vocabularies nationwide with the 1999 hit single "Bling, Bling." The two discussed how "twerk" doesn't just refer to a certain bodily function, but any attempt to improve a situation you might find yourself in.

DIVA TALK: On Wed., March 23, for the second ti====me in a just over a year, Whitney Houston "voluntarily re-entered a rehabilitation facility," according to her publicist. Though the bad habit Houston's trying to kick this time around is unknown, she did admit during a 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer to abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills. Whatever her issue, let's hope the cameras are still rolling for Bravo's proposed reality TV show following Whitney and hubby Bobby Brown around the ATL.

MUSIC TALK: The rumor mill about an OutKast breakup is still churning Andre 3000 does seem to have been focusing on his budding movie career lately, while Big Boi just inked a deal to produce a number of artists including Sleepy Brown and Bubba Sparxxx. But OutKast will be back. The duo is currently working on the soundtrack to its untitled film, which manager Blue Williams described during an MTV interview last week as hip-hop's "Pink Floyd The Wall, or our Purple Rain."

SHOP TALK: With hopes of catering to the projected milions of visitors to the new Georgia Aquarium, a Marietta Street retail and restaurant row project, tentatively dubbed Luckie-Marietta, is underway. It's being likened to Baltimores' HarborPlace and will offer 5,000 square feet of patio dining. If only developers could promise us the fresh salty breeze of the ocean instead of the exhaust fumes that consume downtown.

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