Dish, Dirt and Drivel - Here's To Eating

In honor of CL's Food Issue, I bring you a food-obsessed column. Bon appetit!

Celeb Talk: The Food Network's overly perky and arguably most annoying host, Rachael Ray - who has a whopping three shows to her credit - recently was in Atlanta filming her fourth pilot for the all-food-all-the-time channel. Dish hears that an episode of Ray's show "Rachael's Tasty Travels" will feature at least two Atlanta hot spots, Joel and Two Urban Licks.

Opening Talk: The owners of four of Atlanta's most popular dining spots, Riccardo Ullio of Sotto Sotto and Fritti, and Alex and Chris Kinjo of MF Sushi and Nam, are planning two new restaurants. No details yet on Ullio's venture (though you can bet on it being impressive and Italian), but the Kinjo brothers plan to open Red Bowl - location to be announced - sometime in 2006.

Reopening Talk: Vacant since the closing of Commune, the Howell Mill Road space originally occupied by the Onyx Bar soon will reopen, again. Suzy Wong's is set to start serving, behind Bacchanalia, in August. Like the previous tenants, it will be operated by downstairs restaurant Sampan.

dirt@creativeloafing.comIf you have any tantalizing tidbits worth knowing about, send them our way. Really, we won't tell a soul.??