Record Review - Collective Efforts

Time for Hope EP

Time for Hope doesn’t show Atlanta hip-hop trio Collective Efforts slowing down, but it does show its age. These four songs create strong atmospheres that carry just as much weight as the lyrical content. “Crazy Things” is the real hook with its rapid-fire smooth drums and rhymes that flow over jazzy piano textures. “Fightin’ Time” and “Where It Began” float on clouds of sincerity and serenity that foster an everything-goes approach to blending musical styles, evoking the indie hip-hop climate circa Y2K. The heady spill of “Need Some Hope” fills out this short teaser of what CE has been up to with a couple of jams for the club and a couple for after hours. 3 stars.

Collective Efforts play Apache Café Fri., July 25. 9 p.m. $12. 404-876-5436.