Record Review - Predator: Predator 7-inch EP

Rob's House Records

“Honest Man” tears open the first single from Atlanta punk trio Predator with a lo-fi whiz and bang that cuts right to the chase. The group channels every ounce of self-loathing it can muster into these three songs driven by three buzz-saw chords. The simple, syncopated guitar, bass, drum and two-part vocal mantras of “DLDD” and “No.” shape themselves out of necessity. By design, the chops, riffs, chants and drum explosions facilitate these short, fast songs that barrel like a freight train. And as primal and minimal as they may be, they may come to serve as Predator’s career cornerstone — the trio’s opening salvo toward hardcore heroism, bearing the torch of Minor Threat, Zero Boys and, closer to home, Carbonas. 4 stars out of 5