Record Review - Delta Moon: Hell Bound Train

Red Parlor Records

As if Atlanta resident Tom Gray hasn't done enough already – including the success of the Brains in the '80s and a laundry list of songwriting credits all over the pop charts – he now conquers the blues with Delta Moon, a band that has seen more changes over the years than Lady GaGa's wardrobe. Playing the blues is both a sure thing and a risky endeavor, as the style is such an integral part of the American music landscape. But seriously, it's been done to death. The challenge for Delta Moon is to bring something new to it, and although they actually don't, they do a damn good job of celebrating the genre nevertheless. The dual slide guitars by Gray and Mark Johnson work well, and their fluid playing styles complement each other. Gray's raspy voice is just right for the material, while Franher Joseph on bass and Darren Stanley on drums hold it all together. 4 out of 5 stars.