Record Review - Devin the Dude: Suite 420


Devin the Dude pretty much only raps about two things: smoking weed and receiving oral sex. But there's nothing simplistic about his rhymes, and his ability to bring such humor, insight, and even grace to this subject matter keeps his songs fresh. On Suite 420 he's in fine form. "Hoes be likin' the way my big ol' nuts hang and swing," he explains on "What I Be On." "People out in public see me smoking all my herb/They want me to sell them some, but I must conserve." Often, Devin is more singing than rapping, and the album's meandering, beach-blanket beats – five of which were produced by Devin himself – complement his moods. Devin doesn't have many strong opinions, but he adamantly prefers pot to other drugs, and he's sick of his hoes calling him all the time and getting into his business. It's nice to know someone out there knows what he wants. 4 out of 5 stars.