Record Review - David Cross: Bigger and Blackerer

Sub Pop

Native Atlanta funnyman David Cross traverses familiar terrain on his third and latest album of live stand-up. Much of the record finds Cross exploring the hot-button topics he has in the past with his trademark willingness to forsake tastefulness in favor of shock value. Some of the more topical bits fall flat: Cross is right on in his brutal Tea Party takedown, but it's less funny than it is, well, kinda sad. And at the more personal moments it can be difficult to laugh. Cross' portrayal of his ongoing drug and alcohol abuse elicits a few chuckles, but they're of the awkward, should-I-be variety. Cross is at his best when he tackles the absurd minutia of everyday life, as on "I Can't Get Beer in Me," a great bit about Coors Light. But the best line comes when Cross addresses the depression that has plagued him all his life. As he tells it, "I had a rock in my shoe." 3 out of 5 stars.