Sundance Institute taps Claire filmmaker

• Milt Thomas, the Atlanta-based director of the 2001 silent film Claire, has been selected to participate in the prestigious Sundance Institute's Screenwriters Lab to develop his script Uncloudy Day, co-written with Atlanta artist Kristin Gorell.</
Like Claire, Uncloudy Day was inspired by a Japanese fairy tale. The film takes place in 1930 Alabama and concerns a dangerous animal spirit that follows a man home, wreaking havoc in his world until his handicapped daughter's magical vocal gift saves them.</
"I was floored, because it's [like] an early talkie and it's a little esoteric and in black and white," says Thomas.</
Thomas is hoping that the Screenwriter's Lab will eventually lead to the Director's Lab and the chance for him to finally make the film he has been writing for almost four years.</
• Collective Works Inc. and Twinhead Theatre are in talks to open a 1,300-square-foot performance venue, tentatively to be called Space. Twinhead Theatre co-producing artistic director Deisha Oliver says that both of the Atlanta-based theater troupes would be resident companies at the theater, which she hopes will open by April 1.</
• Horizon Theatre has rearranged its 2006 schedule to include Bad Dates (Feb. 10-March 19), a monologue comedy starring Shelby Hofer and directed by Jessica Phelps West that contrasts one woman's disastrous dating experiences with her success in the restaurant business.