And the nominees are ...

Suzi Bass Award nominations announced

The Suzi Bass Awards for excellence in Atlanta professional theater expanded its scope with its nominations for 2006.

Founded in 2003 by Atlanta actor and director Gene-Gabriel Moore to honor the memory of late Atlanta actress Suzi Bass, “the Suzis” are the city’s first awards for professional theater. Announced Sept. 11 at Libby’s, a Cabaret, the 2006 Suzi Bass Awards featured 20 categories and a total of 107 nominations. The Alliance Theatre’s Jelly’s Last Jam led the nominees in Musical categories, while Georgia Shakespeare’s Metamorphoses earned seven nominations in the Play (i.e., non-musical) categories.

The 2005 Suzis recognized four categories: Best Actor, Actress, Director and Production. For 2006, the Suzis added separate designations for Musical and Play in all the acting categories, as well as recognizing such “technical” disciplines as choreography and design. The Suzi panel of judges attended a total of 64 Atlanta-area plays and musicals between Aug. 1, 2005 and July 30, 2006.

For Best Production — Play, the nominees were Intimate Apparel (Alliance Theatre), Kimberly Akimbo (Actor’s Express), Metamorphoses (Georgia Shakespeare), Our Town (Georgia Ensemble Theatre), …,” said Said (Alliance Theatre). The nominees for Best Production — Musical were A Christmas Carol (Alliance Theatre), Cotton Patch Gospel (Theatrical Outfit), Jelly’s Last Jam (Alliance Theatre), Love Jerry (Actor’s Express) and Rejoice! (True Colors Theatre Company).

Perhaps the most notable shut-out was Actor’s Express artistic director Jasson Minadakis, who directed Bug, Kimberly Akimbo and Hamlet in the 2005-06 season.

The awards, including the yet-to-be-announced “Spirit of Suzi Bass Award,” will be presented at 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 15, at the 14th Street Playhouse.

Production — Play
?Intimate Apparel (Alliance Theatre)
?Kimberly Akimbo (Actor’s Express)
?Metamorphoses (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Our Town (Georgia Ensemble Theatre)
?...,” said Said (Alliance Theatre)
?Production — Musical
?A Christmas Carol (Alliance Theatre)
?Cotton Patch Gospel (Theatrical Outfit)
?Jelly’s Last Jam (Alliance Theatre)
?Love, Jerry (Actor’s Express)
?Rejoice! (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Director — Play
?Kate Warner — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — (Dad’s Garage)
?Richard Garner — Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Shannon Eubanks — Sleuth — (Georgia Ensemble Theatre)
?Sharon Ott — ...,” said Said — (Alliance Theatre)
?Susan V. Booth — Intimate Apparel — (Alliance Theatre)
?Director — Musical
?Heidi Cline — The Fantasticks! — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Kenny Leon — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Kent Gash — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Kent Gash — Love, Jerry — (Actor’s Express)
?Rosemary Newcott — A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Lead Actress — Play
?Courtney Patterson — Twelfth Night — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Jackie Prucha — Romeo & Juliet — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Jill Jane Clements — The Immigrant — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Marianne Fraulo — The Perfect Prayer — (Horizon Theatre Company)
?Jackie Prucha — The Glass Menagerie — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Tess Malis Kincaid — Kimberly Akimbo — (Actor’s Express)
?Lead Actress — Musical
?Chandra Currelley — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Bernardine Mitchell — Three Sistahs — (Horizon Theatre)
?Courtenay Collins — Love, Jerry — (Actor’s Express)
?Crystal Fox — Three Sistahs — (Horizon Theatre)
?Karole Foreman — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Featured Actress — Play
?Andrea Frye — Intimate Apparel — (Alliance Theatre)
?Jennifer Akin — The Glass Menagerie — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Lori Larsen — The Underpants — (Alliance Theatre)
?Rhoda Griffis — Intimate Apparel — (Alliance Theatre)
?Suehyla El—Attar — Bluish— (Alliance Theatre)
?Tess Malis Kincaid — Moonlight and Magnolias — (Alliance Theatre)
?Featured Actress — Musical
?Alecia Robinson — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Bethany Irby — A Year with Frog & Toad — (Aurora Theatre)
?Jennifer Akin — The Sanders Family Christmas — (Theatre in the Square)
?Lavon Fisher — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Katie Merritt — The Sanders Family Christmas — (Theatre in the Square)
?Lead Actor — Play
?Brik Berkes — Keeping Watch — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Chris Kayser — Twelfth Night — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Doug Kaye — The Merchant of Venice — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Neal A. Ghant — Bus Stop — (Theatre in the Square)
?Thomas Piper — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — (Dad’s Garage)
?Victor Slezak — ...,” said Said — (Alliance Theatre)
?Lead Actor — Musical
?Billy Porter — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Chris Kayser — A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Hassan El—Amin — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?J.D. Goldblatt — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Tom Key — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Featured Actor — Play
?Ariel Shafir — The Underpants — (Alliance Theatre)
?Chris Kayser — Hamlet — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?James Donodio — Bus Stop — (Theatre in the Square)
?Tzahi Moskovitz — Intimate Apparel — (Alliance Theatre)
?Steve Coulter — Bus Stop — (Theatre in the Square)
?Featured Actor — Musical
?Dolph Amick — The Fantasticks — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Eric Ankrim — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Eric Moore — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Geoff Uterhardt — Love, Jerry — (Actor’s Express)
?Rodrick Covington — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Ensemble — Play
?A Piece of My Heart — (Theatre in the Square)
?Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — (Dad’s Garage)
?Women + War — (Synchronicity Performance Group)
?Ensemble — Musical
?A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Love, Jerry — (Actor’s Express)
?Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Vive La Fontaine! — (Théâtre du Réve)
?Musical Direction
?Ann—Carol Pence — A Year with Frog and Toad — (Aurora Theatre)
?Darryl G. Ivey — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre Company)
?J. Michael — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Michael Fauss & Rick Taylor — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?S. Renee Clark — The Fantasticks! — (The Shakespeare Tavern)
?Celeste Miller — A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Jen MacQueen — A Year with Frog and Toad — (Aurora Theatre)
?Celeste Miller — The Long Christmas Ride Home — (Actor’s Express & Synchronicity Performance Group)
?Kent Gash & Byron Easley — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Patdro Harris — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Costume Design
?Austin K. Sanderson — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Ashley Holmes — Our Town — (Georgia Ensemble Theatre)
?Mariann Verheyen — A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Christine Turbitt — Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Mariann Verheyen — Intimate Apparel — (Alliance Theatre)
?Janet Harreld — Charley’s Aunt — (Theatre in the Square)
?Linda Roethke — The Underpants — (Alliance Theatre)
?Reggie Ray — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Scenic Design
?D. Martyn Bookwalter — A Christmas Carol — (Alliance Theatre)
?Emily Jean Beck — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Rochelle Barker — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Santo Loquasto — Moonlight and Magnolias — (Alliance Theatre)
?Tim Conley — Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Lighting Design
?Jessica Coale — Women + War — (Synchronicity Performance Group)
?Ken Yunker — Rejoice! — (True Colors Theatre Company)
?Kent Dorsey — ...,” said Said — (Alliance Theatre)
?Liz Lee & Mike Post — Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?William H. Grant III — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Sound Design
?Clay Benning — Jelly’s Last Jam — (Alliance Theatre)
?Mimi Epstein — Our Town — (Georgia Ensemble Theatre)
?Clay Benning & Kendall Simpson — Metamorphoses — (Georgia Shakespeare)
?Paul Fallatt — Cotton Patch Gospel — (Theatrical Outfit)
?Mimi Epstein — The Perfect Prayer — (Horizon Theatre Company)