Peepshow - Soul on icebergs

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Someone once said that "comedy equals tragedy plus time."</
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition proves another formula: "Money equals tragedy plus time."</
Ninety-four years after the ship sank, killing 1,500 people, and nine years after Jack and Rose got busy in the cargo hold, Atlantans can now pay $20 to see Titanic wreckage at the Atlanta Civic Center.</
On Friday, we visited Duluth for Wild Bill's Fight Night for some Muay Thai, a bit of mixed martial arts. We also received our introduction to limbless wrestling courtesy of Kyle Maynard, the former high school star from Suwanee. On Thursday, we stopped by Morehouse to hear Soul On Islam author Ahmad M. Eldridge Cleaver give a lecture about misconceptions about Islam. He is the son of Black Panther and Soul On Ice author Eldridge Cleaver.

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