Peepshow - PS, I love you

That's why I'm sleeping on a sidewalk

Last Wednesday, Peep Show was shocked to discover 22 people in tents outside the Edgewood Best Buy, awaiting the Nov. 17 release of Sony PlayStation 3. The shocking part wasn't that people were lined up for the dazzling PS3. It was that people who are obsessed with staying in to play video games also own so much camping equipment.</
That night, we listened to Scott "I told you there were no Iraqi WMD" Ritter warn Jewish Book Festival attendees that Bush is wrong about Iran, too (Ritter's the former U.N. weapons inspector who urged President Bush not to invade Iraq). On Thursday, we heard the brilliant comedy band Pleaseeasaur tell fans at the Drunken Unicorn that if they have a problem and they happen to need a limo that they should call 1-800-NO-PROB-LIMO.</

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