Peepshow - Atlanta winos rejoice

Plus 1,000 climbers and a freedom rider

Budget gourmet grocer Trader Joe's grand-opened its first intown store Saturday morning in Midtown with a performance by neighborhood street performer Baton Bob. Expect fresher air and lighter highway traffic as ITP yuppies no longer need to drive OTP to purchase TJ's $3 wine.

On Saturday morning, 1,000 people ascended 55 flights of stairs at the Bank of America building. The American Lung Association's Climb Atlanta raised money for clean air and healthy lungs, and probably increased Saturday afternoon sales of inhalers.

Later that day, CL saw Rep. John Lewis at the Auburn Avenue Research Library discussing John Lewis in the Lead, a children's book about his journey from sharecropper's son to Civil Rights leader to congressman no one dares run against.