Peepshow - 'Parades!'


Other than my $5 lemonade (pricey, but quenching), my favorite thing about Saturday's Inman Park Festival was watching the parade next to a woman yelling enthusiastic-but-vague support to paraders. When dogs marched by she yelled "Dogs!" To lesbian paraders, "Women!" To children, "Children!" When the Planned Parenthood float went by, I was expecting her to shout "Abortion!"

Last Wednesday, 60 people protested outside the Atlanta Housing Authority's office about how the city is deporting poor people by knocking down public housing. And last Thursday, Steven Bach spoke at the Decatur Public Library about Leni, his gripping biography of Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, which effectively calls bullshit on her lifelong claims that she knew nothing about Nazi atrocities.